Welcome to Baseline.

Baseline is designed to increase your confidence in the use of basic mathematics. Forgive us if it seems too easy but our experience is that many people can differentiate and integrate but make mistakes with simple arithmetic. Baseline is intended to improve your basic skills and, through that, improve your confidence in your higher level skills.

Look at the menu at the top of the screen (or the drop down if you are on a small screen device). Textbook is what it says, a text book covering the material that you will meet in the practice tests.

Practice tests are similar to the actual tests you will be expected pass on arrival at Aston.

The numbers are easy so try not to use a calculator, it helps your mental arithmetic.

When you are logged in My Progress shows you a log of what you have achieved.

Please feel free to give us feedback - negative as well as positive. We are always looking for ways to help people learn mathematics.