Welcome to Baseline

We study maths in week long blocks called sprints. Sprints run from Thursdays to midnight on the following Wednesday and consist of tutorials and scrums. Tutorials are online and must be completed by midnight on Wednesday. Tutorials provide 20% of the module mark.

Scrums are weekly meetings where scrum members give presentations to make sure everyone in the scrum understands the topic. Presentations provide 10% of the module mark.

Baseline has a textbook, videos, past papers, tutorials, feedback and your progress. Aim for three gold stars

1. Textbook

The textbook contains the material that will be in the examination. At the end of each topic there are practice questions that are marked when you press the Am I Right? button. Some questions have an Example button that give even more help.

2. Videos and Past Papers

The videos and past papers are underneath the Resources menu option. If there is anything you would like including in Resources ask Sarah or Tom.

3. Tutorials

Each week there will be a set of tutorial questions that are available from Thursday morning until the following Wednesday midnight.

Your answers will be recorded but not marked until the tutorial has closed.

When the tutorial has closed your answers will be marked and the marks will be available in My Progress.

There are ten tutorials. Each tutorial is worth 2% of your overall mark.

4. Presentations

Presentations contribute 10% for your module mark. Your job is to make sure everyone in the group 'get's it'.

Marking will be done by the scrum master.

An average presentation will get a mark between 50% and 60%, a good presentation will get a mark between 60% and 70%, an excellent presentation will get a mark between 70% and 80%. More than 80% will be both exceptional and rare.

Your two best presentations are each worth 5% of your overall mark.