Welcome to Mathematics 2

NOTE: There are several changes from Mathematics 1.

1. Tutorials

Each week there will be a set of tutorial questions that are available from Tuesday morning until the following Tuesday morning.

Your answers will be recorded but not marked until the tutorial has closed.

When the tutorial has closed your answers will be marked and the marks will be available in My Progress.

There are ten tutorials. Each tutorial is worth 1.5% of your overall mark.

2. Presentations

Presentations will be out of 100% made up of 40% for your presentation, 40% for the examples you provide and 20% for you making sure everyone in the group 'get's it'.

Marking will be done by the scrum master.

An average presentation will get a mark between 50% and 60%, a good presentation will get a mark between 60% and 70%, an excellent presentation will get a mark between 70% and 80%. More than 80% will be both exceptional and rare.

Your two best presentations are each worth 5% of your overall mark.

3. Team Based Learning

TBL has been cancelled.